Garage Door Safety Measures and Maintenance

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Most residential homes and industrial buildings have garage doors dominating the front aesthetics of the building. A garage door covers about a third of the façade of a private home thereby providing a great panoramic view from outsiders. With this size, people will usually get at least a glimpse of the garage door’s design. But since it is a huge form of mechanical equipment, garage can cause discomfort and worse, harm to people when not properly maintained or used. For proper repairs and maintenance, a reliable garage door repair expert is a must.

It is a fact that a poorly maintained and used garage door will cause harm to people and damage to property. The damages to garage doors might cost homeowners an arm and a leg. The usual parts of the garage door that causes injuries are the doors itself that suddenly drops on to somebody underneath it, pinch points, the spring coils that tend to snap and fly anywhere and the most common of all, people trying to do some repairs without knowing what exactly to do.

Springs that are not properly coiled or do not have the amount of tension required to support the doors’ operation can just break and snap and hit anyone. It also has the tendency to fall onto someone underneath it. The worst part of it all is that the door itself, one loose from the hold of the springs, will just flat out fall down to the garage door. And these doors are not light. With their size and heft, they can do serious damage to people and property. It can even cause death to anyone standing in its way. That is how serious a problem a poorly repaired and maintained garage door can do.

One of the primary pinch points or hazard points of garage doors are its rollers especially when it comes to the safety of children. Garage door repair experts say that once a door starts to do its function, it is better to keep the children away from the garage door. For those doors operated manually, vertically mounted handles are the best to give its handlers a vertical way of operating the door.

An automatically operated garage door system operates on a lot of force and energy and this force and energy may prove to be fatal once the door goes out of control. A door sometimes has the ability to trap humans and pets within its grasp causing serious injuries or at times death. Some of the installation and gate repair professionals say that a few of the latest garage door models come with ‘energy modes’ wherein a homeowner is allowed to pre select the energy level that the garage door will operate on. Also, with this mode in use, a garage door will automatically go on reverse mode once it senses energy going against its operation.

A lot of the garage door parts work under extreme stress, which with improper maintenance, can cause these parts to break apart and cause harm to anyone near it.

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Garage Door Safety Measures and Maintenance

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